Easy and Quick Costume Ideas for Adults

captainamericaDressing up kids for the Halloween party or for the trick-or-treat event is always fun to do. Kids are so excited about it that they ask their parents or older brothers and sisters to prepare their costumes way before the holiday. Adults willingly oblige because they too like the thrill of preparing costumes.

Unfortunately, after spending time preparing for the costumes of the kids, adults have no time anymore to prepare theirs. But there is no need to worry because here are some quick costume ideas for adults. They are easy to make so you can prepare them even for just a day or two before Halloween.

One of the quick costume ideas for adults is the zombie costume. What you will need for this is just an old shirt and an old pair of jeans. To prepare this, give the shirt a few cuts here and there. Make it dirty by spreading ash or by rubbing charcoal. Then add some bloodstains using red paint, ketchup or dye. Do the same with the pair of jeans. On the actual event, paint your face gray. Draw some wounds on your face if you like to look scarier.

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Another one on the list of quick costume ideas for adults is a pirate costume. There are several ways to prepare this. Look for an old white long sleeved button-up shirt and a black vest to go with it. Make the white shirt a bit dirty. Accessorize with an eye patch and black belt worn over the white shirt. Do not forget the wide brim hat with the pirate logo.

You can just print the logo and paste it on the hat. If you cannot find a white long sleeved shirt, use a shirt with black and white stripes. Use it with a wide black belt worn over. Instead of hat, this is best paired with bandanna. If you have a stuffed parrot at home, you can put it on your shoulders as an added accessory.

Also, one quick costume ideas for adults is a Barbie costume. All you need is a pink dress and you are done. But do not forget to make your hair blonde. And do not forget to put pink blush on. Also, bring a mirror and a hairbrush for added effect.

beergirlIf you ask others for quick costume ideas for adults, you will likely hear men in black. This is of course inspired by that movie which became famous some years ago. All you need is a black suit and dark sunglasses.

You will also probably hear a witch costume. You just need a black dress, a pointed hat and a broomstick. You can make your pointed hat using black cardboard.

Also, one of the quick costume ideas for adults is the mummy costume. You do not need a long time to prepare this. You just need a long strip of wide white ribbon or tissue paper to wrap yourself with. The ribbon is nicer though because tissue paper easily tears.

These quick costume ideas for adults are very easy to prepare. You need very little time to create them. Most of them are also inexpensive.

Funny Costume Ideas for Adults

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